TalkingTurns is our group therapy approach to improve social interaction and communication among children, teenagers, and young adults.  The program was created in response to parent input, the direct needs of those with communication disorders, and the use of professional resources which are cited in our work.  The multi-level curriculum addresses a variety of social skills starting with joint attention, parallel play, and basic social interaction.  Programs then progress into higher levels of social functioning including emotional responses, resolving conflict, and making appropriate friendship choices.  Pragmatic functions such as eye contact, effective “body talk,” and topic maintenance are addressed throughout the program.  TalkingTurns groups are created on a variety of levels to accommodate those who use sign language and/or augmentative communication to express themselves.   Other topics addressed include but are not limited to: greetings and goodbyes, introductions, conversation transitions, and reading conversational cues.

We all communicate in our own ways, and everyone needs their turn to talk.
Please call our office to find out more information about TalkingTurns.