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Welcome to Team Therapy!

We are excited to add YOU to our TEAM!


When you come inside we have a waiting room for adults and for children!

We even have a low-sensory room for those that need a quiet and relaxing space to wait…

Jen Lutterbie is the Clinical Director. She will greet you when you come in and handle all of your scheduling needs!  You can email her at: 

In the afternoons, Jen provides speech therapy! IMG_6888

Ms. Michelle is the Administrative Specialist, and she is in the next office.  She will handle all of your billing concerns!  You can email her:


Make sure to say hello to Ms. Leslie and Charlie!  Ms. Leslie is the Director of Team Therapy and one of our Speech Language Pathologists.  Charlie is our Therapy Dog – so he’s extra friendly and loves to be petted!  You can email her:


Meet our other Speech Language Pathologists!

This is Jen Lutterbie.  You can email her:


This is Ms. Laura- she loves to play!


This is Kelsey Skorzewski.  You can call her Ms. Kelsey!


This is Ms. Kathleen- she is so much fun!


Meet our Occupational Therapists!

This is Rachel Watson.  You can call her Ms. Rachel!


This is Tonya Johnson.  You can call her Ms. Tonya! 


Ms. Britt loves to play!

Screen Shot 2020-11-12 at 2.53.37 AM

… and we can’t forget our Physical Therapist!

This is Ms. Rory!  Her email is  


Everyone here at Team Therapy is excited to meet you and work with you!!


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